Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Set up metadata navigation for a list or library in SharePoint 2013

You must have a least the Manage Lists permission level to set up metadata navigation for a list or library.

  1. Go to the list or library for which you want to configure metadata navigation.
  2. Click the List or Library tab of the ribbon, and then click List Settings or Library Settings.
  3. Under General Settings, click Metadata navigation settings.

In the Configure Navigation Hierarchies section, select the field or fields that you want to display in the navigation hierarchy and then click Add.

Metadata Navigation settings let you specify the metadata fields that can be added to a navigation tree control

  1. By default, the navigation tree displays folders. If you do not want folders to display, select Folders, and then click Remove.
  2. In the Configure Key Filters section, select the fields that you want to add as Key Filters, and then click Add.
  3. In the Configure automatic column indexing for this list, specify whether you want to create indexes automatically on this list. This improves the performance of the queries that users perform when they use the navigation tree and Key Filter columns that you specified. It is recommended that you select the option Automatically manage column indices on this list.
  4. Click OK.


Why use Metadata Navigation?

To make it easier for users to find content in large lists and libraries, you can set up metadata navigation. Metadata navigation enables users to filter and find content in lists and libraries by using a navigation tree. They can also apply Key Filters, which work in combination with the navigation tree to refine the list of items that display.

When you set up metadata navigation, you can determine which columns from the library appear in the tree, and you can specify Key Filters. The following illustration shows a simple navigation tree that is based on content type.

You can set up metadata navigation for a tree control in the left-hand panel


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