Monday, September 3, 2012

Limits, exceptions, and workarounds of SharePoint Workspace 2010


There are certain limits and exceptions when working with SharePoint 2010 content with SharePoint Workspace 2010. Note that the navigation pane of the SharePoint Workspace 2010 displays links to unsupported lists and libraries, which you can conveniently click to work with in SharePoint 2010 for full support if you are online.

Be aware of the following limits and exceptions when working in SharePoint Workspace 2010:

  • The total number of files you can store across all your SharePoint workspaces is approximately 10,000.

NOTE    If you have not updated to Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1, you can only store approximately 500 documents in SharePoint Workspace before you see warning messages about document limits. Additionally, once you exceed 1,800 documents across your SharePoint workspaces, a warning message appears to inform you that only document properties will be downloaded to the workspace.


  • Each list can have no more than 30,000 items.
  • From within SharePoint Workspace 2010, you can create, update, and delete files in a library and new items in a list, but you cannot create new sites, libraries, and lists.
  • Sites based on an Access Web Database template are unsupported.
  • The following lists are unsupported: Calendar, Wiki page, and Survey.
  • The following views are unsupported: Project Task list in Gantt view, Style, In-line Folders (which show as groups), and Item Limit.
  • The people picker control is not supported.
  • The editing of site pages in the site pages library is not supported.
  • The editing of list attachments is not supported (Although you can open the attachment as read-only).
  • The synchronization of changes made to a OneNote notebook is not supported.
  • Lists or libraries protected by Information Rights Management (IRM) are not supported.


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