Thursday, February 13, 2014

Only one Term Store shows up after creating multiple Managed Metadata Service Applications

After creating multiple Managed Metadata service applications (3) and even recreating them, while opening them, i only got to see one Term Store (the first one created).

And then i saw this post.... (thanks!)

I was working on a farm which would host both an Extranet and Intranet application. Each would have different taxonomies and require separate Managed Metadata Services (MMS).
Since the second MMS was only going to be used by a specific Web application, I did not place it in the default Service Application Association group when I created it.
Much to my surprise, it did not appear in Central Administration after I created it. After locating and deleting it with PowerShell, I created it again the same way with the same results.  Then the research and learning began:
  • A MMS must be in the default group to be able to manage it from Central Administration.
  • It must also be in the default group if you are going to create another service application that connects to it (like Semaphore) or the creation process cannot connect to it.
  • The MMS to be used only by specific Web application(s) should not be set to be default in the default group.
  • For the unique Web applications, create a custom Service Application Association group containing the MMS and whatever other services the Web application will consume. Set the MMS as default in the custom group but DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE DEFAULT GROUP.
If a MMS is not in the default group, then you can only manage it with PowerShell or by manually entering the URL at the Web application associated with the MMS. Use PowerShell to retrieve the GUID. Example:
(How is typing the GUID working out for you?)
Also, if you remove a MMS from the default group, other services cannot connect to it even though they have been configured to do so when it was in the default group.
To summarize:
When creating a second Managed Metadata Service and Semaphore Service Application, both must remain in the default Service Application Association group but should only be set as default in the Service Application Association group where they will be used by Web applications. If a Managed Metadata Service is not in the default group, it will not be visible or selectable when creating the Semaphore Service Application or other service applications which need to connect to it. It cannot be managed from Central Administration. For the Web applications which will be using these services, create a custom Service Application Association group containing these and other services consumed by the Web application and set them as default in the custom group.