Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Installation Lotus-Connections Plugin for SharePoint


Log on to the Windows® Server with the SharePoint administrator ID. The plug-in installer requires full access to the SharePoint directories. Usually, the SharePoint administrator ID also has system administration rights on the server.

Run the installation program, lotus-connections-sharepoint-plugin.exe or lotus-connections-sharepoint-plugin-64.exe for 64-bit servers


Run as Administrator







I accept…







After the installation program completes, the plug-in configuration program launches automatically. On the URL Settings tab of the configuration program, specify the Profiles Server URL: http://......



Tab to the Federated Search URL field. It will be automatically filled in based on the Profiles Server URL, but you can change it if necessary


After you have completed the URL Settings fields, click Apply. The configuration program may take several minutes to execute. When it has completed, click OK to exit the program


What to do next

The Tag Cloud web part is installed during the plug-in configuration, but the SharePoint administrator must activate it for the site. For example, 

C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Connections\Plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint\Features\TagCloud\deploy>tagcloudsetup /activate /weburl }}}

Note: If you create a new site collection after installing the plug-in, the profiles search and business card features are available automatically, but the tag cloud is not. To make the tag cloud available, launch the plug-in configuration program, go to the Plug-in Applications tab, deactivate the tag cloud, and activate it again. This will add the tag cloud to the web part catalog of all new site collections.

Let your user community know that the integration features are available for use. The Profiles Search bar is available at the top of the SharePoint site. Users can enter a name to search the Lotus Connection profile directory, or click a name to open the associated profile. The business card feature is also globally available, so users can hover over a person's name and see the person's associated business card. Site owners can add the Lotus Connections tag cloud web part so that users can search Lotus Connections content by tag.
The Profiles business card is available for person names that appear in tables and lists and other locations throughout the SharePoint user interface. The card looks up names in the Profiles directory by email address. In order for the card to work for a particular name, that person must have the same email address in both the SharePoint directory and in the Profiles directory. If SharePoint and Connections are using the same LDAP directory, this will not be a problem, but different directories can be used as long as the email addresses match.

Additional actions: deploy the Solutions within Central Admin for all Web Applications

After that activate the de Site Collection Features, Web Parts will then be available and can be added to the site(s)

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