Sunday, August 26, 2012

Manage Unused Web Sites

To manage unused Web sites

1. Verify that you meet the following minimum requirements:

· You must be a member of the Farm Administrators group.

2. On the Central Administration home page, click Application Management.

3. On the Application Management page, in the Site Collections section, click Confirm site use and deletion.

4. On the Site Use Confirmation and Deletion page, in the Web Application section, if the Web application that you want to configure is not listed, expand the Web Application list, and then click Change Web Application.

On the Select Web Application dialog box, click the Web application that you want to configure.

5. In the Confirmation and Automatic Deletion Settings section:

· Select or clear the Send e-mail notification to owners of unused site collections check box.
If you select this check box, type the number of days, after the site creation or after the site usage is confirmed, to start to send notifications. The minimum number of days is 30, and the maximum is 365.

· Specify a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for e-mail notifications. The default schedule is daily. You can also specify the exact time to run the check for the site usage. The default, time is midnight.

· Select or clear the Automatically delete the site collection if use is not confirmed check box.
If you select this check box, type the number of notifications to send before the site collection is deleted. By default, it is 28 notifications.

6. Click OK.


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