Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The context has expired and can no longer be used

When you create a site collection the below error shows up:
First check within Central Administration is the Default Time Zone is defined for your Web Application
When the default time zone is missing, this error might show up
If missing, open the Date and Time zone settings on your server and check which time zone is defined. Configure the same time zone for your web application (in the above location)
Next step would be to do an IISRESET and try if you are able to create the site collection now

Another reason for gettin the error message: "The content has expired and can no longer be used" might be related to the token-timeout value which is defined within the Farm.

The default token-timeout value = 1440 minutes (=24 hours = 1 day). When you use Active Directory groups and add those groups into your SharePoint groups, this means that it would take 24 hours before the update is active in your farm. Therefore we decided to change this value to 1 minute

Because creating a site collection took longer than this 1 minute, we got to see the " Content has expired" error.

After changing the value to 10 minutes, we were again able to create the site collections without getting the error.

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