Friday, December 17, 2010

Event ID 3760 SharePoint job searching for non-existing or deleted SQL database

EventID 3760 for a Database that no longer exists


SQL Database 'eof_SP2010_Search_01_AdminDB_CrawlStore' on SQL Server instance 'SQLcluster' not found. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

Cannot open database "eof_SP2010_Search_01_AdminDB_CrawlStore" requested by the login. The login failed.

Login failed for user 'MSFTHOSTING\svcSP2010farm'.

The database was removed within SQL2008 but it looks like some kind of job still searches for this database….


In Central Admin;

Use PowerShell;


2 entries for eof_SP2010_Search_01…. (so SP2010 thinks these DBs are still in but I deleted the SQL DBs

Copy the ID

eof_SP2010_Search_01_... 712fa46e-8df0-4642-9351-f9d663138f8e

eof_SP2010_Search_01_... ae01e1b9-5b0c-4cdb-bb2d-b03cace6abdb


Type $bad = get-spdatabase <your id> and press enter.

PS C:\Users\admjgr> $bad = get-spdatabase 712fa46e-8df0-4642-9351-f9d663138f8e

Type $bad and hit enter. This will show you the database you have in the variable. It is your last chance to double check you got the correct database

PS C:\Users\admjgr> $bad

Output: Name Id Type

---- -- ----

eof_SP2010_Search_01_... 712fa46e-8df0-4642-9351-f9d663138f8e Microsoft.Office....

Type $bad.Delete() and press enter

PS C:\Users\admjgr> $bad.Delete()

The database gets deleted!


Check by typing get-spdatabase within PowerShell again

Database is gone!!

Also done for the other one.

Critical errormessages in Event Viewer are gone now..

The view in Database Upgrade Status also does not show the not responding databases any longer




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